About Us

"There are two lasting bequests we can give to our children—one is roots and the other wings"

Stephen R. Covey


Samata Academy for Human Excellence (SAHE) is a FREE COACHING INSTITUTE for moulding the youth for CIVIL SERVICES. It would train and equip them with knowledge and skills so that they can empower themselves to emerge as effective individuals and enter into competitive examinations. It is intended to make a difference in the Civil Services and enable them to become true public servants with human face. With this objective in mind, the Academy is formed with 10 well established Voluntary Organizations in the State and other progressive individuals with the following Mission.


Democratizing Indian Administration with pragmatic intellectuals who exert excellence in playing their roles as individuals and enabling them to always strive manhood to godhood in service so as to establish the utmost human values of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity with sterling character”.


To realize the mission of SAHE, the following objectives are formulated.

  • Enable the poor but the meritorious candidates to realize their dream of becoming Civil Servants.
  • Prepare integrated and well balanced human beings.
  • Enable them to enter into Administration with human face
  • Empower them to make a difference in the lives of the people in the society.
  • Provide an environment to realize and unleash their full potential.
  • Mould them to suite into the information age and make them emerge as knowledge workers with service motto.
  • Make them embrace professionalism and ethics as bedrock to Administration.
  • Provide inputs and human technologies to become effective communicators, excellent leaders and great personalities.
  • Make them aware of the social responsibilities and motivate them not only to "pay back to the society" but also to "reconstruct it with creative cooperation and synergetic integrity of the plural entity".
  • Promote equality, human rights and economic egalitarianism.

Courses offered

With those objectives in mind, SAHE offers FREE COACHING for CIVIL SERVICES to enable the poor but the meritorious youth of both male and female of all communities to enter into the coveted services. Hence SAHEundertakes training at the three levels of Civil Services viz.,

I. Preliminary exams (Paper I & II)

II. Main exams (All Papers with certain Optionals)

III. Personality Test

Optionals offered at SAHE for main exams:

1. Public Administration

2. Geography

3. History

4. Telugu literature

The Academy would adapt to the system of the UPSC in case of change in the pattern of main exams.

Faculty of SAHE

SAHE aims at achieving excellence and hence in the case of faculty also, excellence is the bedrock of the Academy.

All the faculty members imparting training at Kerala Samajam IAS Academy at Bengaluru, Delhi Institution for Competitions at Vishakapatnam would also impart excellent training at SAHE. Apart from them, the following subject experts in Civil Services and the selected Civil Servants voluntarily impart qualitative training at the Academy. A few names from the faculty members apart from the Civil Servants are:

General Studies

1. Sri G. Krishna (Vizag)

2. Dr. Lajapathi rai

3. Dr. K. V. Mohan Rao (Vizag)

4. Dr. Venka Rajaiah

5. Mr. Veerababu

6. Mr. Kalyan Chakravarthy

7. Mr. Kasim

8. Mr. Dheeraj

9. Mr. Sagar

10. Mr. M. Srinivas

11. Sri Balamurali Krishna

& Many more Civil Servants

Public Administration

1. Sri Dr. Y. Partha Sarathy

2. Dr. P.V.V. Subrahamanyam

3. Mr. Kalyana Chakravarthy

4. Many more Civil Servants


1. Mr. G. Ramesh (Vizag)

2. Mr. Veerababu

3. Mr. Obulesh

4. Many more Civil Servants


1. Sri G. Krishna

2. Sri G. Ramesh

3. Many more Civil Servants

Telugu Literature

1. Dr. S.V. Satyanarayana

2. Prof. Anandan

3. Many more Civil Servants

Facilities at SAHE

  • Well furnished and spacious Training Halls
  • Thoroughly researched study material
  • Eminent faculty from different parts of India
  • Periodical and result-oriented model examinations
  • Fully equipped library with latest information-books, magazines, newspapers, special issues on Civil Services,etc.

Unique Training Methodology

  • Lecturing as well as power point presentation mode with Audio-visual equipments
  • Imparting knowledge by senior Civil Servants.
  • Seminars on important topics by subject experts and eminent personalities.
  • Group discussions and personal care to the candidates.
  • Aiming at not only teaching what to learn but giving equal importance to how to learn. Many study skills like how to read a book, how to acquire knowledge, how to prepare own notes scientifically, how to remember what one reads, how to write an essay, how to face exams, how to score more marks, how to cope up with exam stress etc., would be imparted with practical exercises.
  • SAHE aims at moulding the character and conduct of the participants by imparting the qualitative personality development programmes by eminent trainers of high repute focusing on the Characters Building, Mind Development, Highly Effective Habits, Appropriate Etiquette and Manners, Inter-personal Relations, Effective Communication Oral & Written Skills, etc.

Advisory Body

SAHE would be advised by the most experienced and eminent personalities in different fields of administration. A few among the prominent are:

1. Sri S. Chellappa IAS Former Spl. Chief Secretary to A.P

2. Sri P. Sunder kumar IAS Former Principal Secretary to A.P

3. Sri A. Narasimha Reddy. Chairman, Bar Council of AP High Court.

Executive Body

The Administration of the SAHE would be executed by:

1. Sri Y.V. Gopal Krishna Murthy (Chairman)

2. Sri D. Laxmanji (General Secretary)

3. Sri Mudigonda Eswaraiah (Treasurer) & a 24 more strong executive body

SAHE is ably supported by

10 well established voluntary organizations in the State. They are:

1. Vivekananda Samajika Seva Samstha, Hyderabad.

2. Mahatama Jyothiba Phule Smruti Samithi, Hyderabad.

3. Shanti Chakra International, Hyderabad.

4. Samata Seva Samithi, Rajahmundry

5. Global Organization for Unity and Development Trust, Hyderabad.

6. Weavers’ Welfare & Education Trust, Hyderabad.

7. Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Institute for Excellence, Hyderabad.

8. ACE Foundation, Hyderabad.

9. A.P. Scheduled Castes Organizations, Hyderabad.

10.Dharmavyada Welfare Association, Hyderabad.

The Roles and Responsibilities of the candidates

The success of the Academy depends on the commitment of the participants. The candidates joining the Academy therefore should abide by strict rules and discipline. They must:

  • Attend the Academy regularly and in time.
  • Write all the assignments and tests.
  • Participate actively in group discussions.
  • Assume leadership roles.
  • Be inquisitive and be good listeners like children.
  • Follow unadulterated commitment which is the hall mark of success.
  • Off load and overcome attitudinal problems like over-confidence, not practicing at home, not writing tests, not completing assignments, not sharing ideas and material, not participating whole heartedly in proceedings.
  • Parents of the participants should equally monitor their progress.
  • They should be in touch with the Academy regularly.
  • Institutional and parental partnership should foster in moulding the candidates to shoulder higher responsibilities and character building.


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